Sunday, November 30, 2008

Solid Playful Elements: Balaam House

I just adore this architecture..true it's modern..but a modern type of house that I adore! This is Balaam House designed by architects Arkhefield, located in Hamilton, Australia. The house combines elements of zinc, aluminum, concrete, rich timbers, and raw battening. A main center piece of the house is the cantilevered pool, that acts as a showpiece above the main entrance. Wow! Not just another piece of modern architecture..but one that's sustainable as well. With rain water harvesting, solar hot water, a passive cross ventilation, solar controlled glass, operable louvers, shutters and blinds on solar clocks (limiting the use of the A/C), thermal mass, and low maintenance, with recycled materials too. I just love the fact that its sustainable and beautiful modern architecture.

An open house is very important so that you don't feel crapped in a space. It is a four-bedroom resident with bathrooms, gym, an outdoor living room, indoor living room, outdoor pavilion, kitchen, dining, garage, large family room, garden with large terrace and fire pit. A beautiful house that's open, spacious, and with breath-taking views!

“Our client wanted a unique piece of architecture that could enhance family life and not be precious. Feedback from the client is that the house has achieved this aspiration while providing privacy and sanctuary from the otherwise urban and public environment.”


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

This is my future dream house!! I wonder how much it costs. It sure looks amazing, would love to live in it hehe.

thirty1seven said...

Hehe ..I think that it would be pretty expensive due to the cost of materials, work spent into it, etc.. unless of course you get a good deal