Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun ways to drink your cuppa

Someone once told me how there are so many fun ways of drinking your morning cuppa, one part of this experience comes from the mug or teacup that we drink from..She has shown me some interesting ways for making your coffee drinking or tea drinking more pleasurable :) Thanks t! :)

Pic 1: Kill time BANG BANG! Link
Pic 2: Heat-sensitive pigment on the mug..Pour the hot drink, it turns ON..when cold its OFF Link
Pic 3: A dunk mug..A mug with a hidden compartment to store some cookies with your hot coco Link
Pic 4: Handespresso, your portable no-electricity needed, espresso machine in your need to be a barista for this. Link
Pic 5: Attach your tea bag with this button, and there's no need for any handles because of the double-layered cup. Link

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