Friday, November 7, 2008

When odds and ends meet..a modernist paradox

Artist Spotlight this week : Maurice Scheltens.

A Dutch photographer who works in the field of fashion, arts, and advertisement. Known to create still-life that are hyper-realistic and completely artificial, he takes objects from the world of commerce, fashion and design, takes them out of their natural comfortable habitat and puts them in a new uncomfortable environment to give out new meanings and codes.. "A new way of looking". He exposes the "Real" objects and places them in an illusional-staged framework that gives off an uneasy feeling.
He cut out remote controls, haute-couture dresses, fruits, plants, and vegetables, and placed them dangling on cords, balancing themselves by other objects, or are left alone, lost in the background.

His new book "ON DISPLAY" is out on November 14, showcasing his works. He has worked with Nike, Vitra, UNIQLO, Adidas, Playstation, Tom Ford, Hermes, and many more.

I think his work is that blue garbage bag twirling around the disk player, and also the laundry line.


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