Thursday, November 13, 2008

Field of Lights.. Stop and Gaze

Pictures from Bruno Munro and BBC.

A field of light created by lighting artist from Somerset, England.. Bruno Munro. By "planting" over 15,000 individual lights in a field where wild grass, crops of clover, and barley grew, he aims to capture the movement of light throughout the seasons, across the landscape. The sculptural lighting changes in color, from blue, to pink, to yellow, to green, to white.

"I wanted to create a field of light stems, that, like the dormant seed in a dry desert, would quietly wait until darkness falls, and then, under a blazing blanket of southern stars, would bloom with gentle rhythms of light."

From Bruno Munro:
The field of light was originally conceived fifteen years ago during a trip through central Australia. The red desert had an incredible feeling of energy; ideas seemed to radiate from it along with the heat. The field of light installation was one idea that landed in my sketch book and kept on nagging at me… it just had to be done.

By placing an alien installation in the midst of nature, the enormous contrast created allows one to literally see the wood from the trees.

Under the shadow of an ancient hill in southwest England, in a field of clover bisected by a public footpath, the field of light shimmered through seasons and presented a myriad of opportunities for passersby to catch glimpses of natures guises.

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