Monday, November 24, 2008

crEATe: Food & Design

New coffee table book of the week: crEATe. Eating, Design and Future Food.

Food today is served with utmost creativity, uniqueness, attention to detail, etc. than ever before. With the change in the standards of presentation and perceptions of the food itself, comes the change in the standards of the environment eaten in. crEATe is based upon research by trend analysts from London firm The Future Laboratory, where they have investigated the recent trends and visual developments in and around food.

Attention to detail has now become the true standard on how we base our overall judgment on anything, in this case: food. Everything from the way we eat, how the food is presented, the interior environment, the ambiance, the new innovative restaurants and shops experimenting with "new" things, to the marketing, packaging and impact on the consumer world, this book shows it all. With stunning photography and clever profiles, this book shows how food has given to us new meanings in design, and we keep learning more and more everytime something new and sometimes "experimental" comes out.

I tend to get bored easily from routines, so this kind of environment is great not just for food, although I'm not one who follows trends.. I love being on the hunt for the unusual but beautiful ;)

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