Friday, November 21, 2008

This reminds me of chiclets

If you remember Chiclets, the tiny square gum that we used to chew on as kids, this project reminds me of it..and all the colorful candies we used to munch on..but mostly the chiclets due to its square shape.
This is the Light House Cinema at Smithfield Market, on the West side of Dublin's largest public plaza in Ireland. Commissioned by DTA Architects, this cinema creates a colorful experience to movie-watchers. What they did was, combining the insertion of four art house cinema volumes into the existing basement voids (which was a challenge to them), from that they have successfully created an easygoing "route" circulation, making it an interesting experience for the public.


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The Concrete Commentator said...

wow.. yeah.. the first set of stairs would make me sick.. I would probably fall off of them if I tried to walk up them. I love the 9th and 10th pic down. They remind me of dominos!