Monday, December 1, 2008

Heating the Place..Cool Designs

Thought this day was one of the beautiful weather days, where the weather is great, calm, cool, not hot or cold, nor windy, rainy, etc.. so got dressed and went out for a walk in the garden. Yeah..this was definitely not one of those, it was windy, very cool, and breezy. It didn't look much like it from out the window! But anyways had a nice walk..

While walking around, I walked up to the sea shore and put my feet in the water..hmm not cold, not warm..just good..good feeling sea water. Time passed, it started to get more windy, and the tide was rising..I could feel my throat swelling and in a way my body saying "What the hell are you doing out when its windy?! and cold?!" response "Needed some sun and air :)"

Anywhos, it is the time of the year where we start getting our heaters out (I know some did!).. but why do we have to have ugly looking heaters that look like well.. heaters! Usually grey, some black, or barely even white.. Can't it be more colorful, more designed better?! I know, we live in a hot weathered country, but hey, even portable heaters should look pretty when the cold weather kicks in! I got these pictures of radiators, though we don't need them here, we could use some pretty looking heaters. Something that could blend in with the environment, whether its an indoor heater for the house that matches with the room, or even a portable heater thats great for those cooler days spent in the desert.

Pic 1: A fun swirly zig-zag piece by Zehnder
Pic 2: A modern look, a cubic radiator by Castorama
Pic 3: Colorful radiators by Acova
Pic 4: A bright touch of color.. orange by WorldStyle Design
Pic 5: A Mikado style by WorldStyle Design
Pic 6: Graphic style and modern look by WorldStyle Design
Pic 7: Sculptural and poised this look by Tubes Radiatori
Pic 8: Vertical tubes that look like pipes by Tubes Radiatori
Pic 9: Not a radiator but in need for some feet under the sea water (looks disfigured)

Thanks to CMSF.


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Thanks gooooood girl, and thanks for commenting :D