Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Retro-Kaleidoscopic Landscapes

A new favorite book to own and another additon to my library, "Offpiste - In the land of Kustaa Saksi", releasing this month by Scandinavian illustrator Kustaa Saksi.

In his book, he creates a retro-futuristic feel in his kaleidoscope landscapes, in which he brings together organic shapes, energetic imagery, and lively colors into a surreal world. Saksi's work surrounds you with his playful creativity and cheerful abstract in his dream-like playground. An inspiration and a delight for playful senses..Beautiful Chaos!! Love :) He reminds me of Takashi Murukami (Japanese designer who previously designed for Louis Vuitton).

He has designed works for the likes of Issey Miyake, Levi's, and MTV..his works were also featured in magazines such as Wallpaper, The New York Times, and Dazed & Confused.

Pre-order it now, Click Offpiste - Amazon


Niyal said...

I ♥ a5er wa7ed XD

thirty1seven said...

merci niyalzo for commenting :D