Thursday, November 6, 2008

Food and Pure Enjoyment

When it has a profound effect on you ..
It has always been a part of me and always will..When I enjoy the presence of all the family together and it is so special, I stop and thank God how grateful I am to belong in this family..and hopefully you all do too. In this case, one of the enjoyments I get from being with the family almost always revolves around the dining table, when we're together sitting and eating, surrounded by good food, especially more if at least one of us has made a dish or I want to share this feeling with you ..

From the beginning to the end of the meal:
Prepare the menu ..Now prepare the ingredients for your meal: touch, taste, smell, look, and it right? Is everything there? if so, proceed .. techniques you're going to use for the meal..chop, slice, dice, mash, what is needed.. then cook (it could be left out if no cooking is required) what? grill, saute, stir-fry, what you have to do..then put it on a dish, arrange, decorate, get it ready to be serve.. put food in plate..looks good? if so, so far so the final test..taste, feel, smell, look, touch, and listen..have you gone so far as of making a good tasty meal? Look at the people with you..are they liking what they're eating? What was presented to them? Gut Instinct.. Now by the end of the meal after dessert, the tea leaves have been steeped, it is ready to be served, now serve on a teacup, sit back while holding it in your hand look at those around you..
Are they happy living in this long moment of enjoyment around food with eachothers company?
Happiness, Family, Together, Laughter? Yes?..Now you know that you have been living in the moment, a moment of Pure Enjoyment that cannot be described in words but with emotions..Enjoy bon appetit :)

Photos courtesy of Steve Brown and Mark Roper


Alya said...

I know what you mean. My best moments with food have always been with family or friends. Whether we're gathered around a table, or simply sitting in the living room enjoying some snacks.. Its always better when there are loved ones involved..

thirty1seven said...

Its undeniably special..thanks for commenting alya :)