Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nanoo Bookshelves

These are from the collection of furniture and lamps "Nanoo" by the Swiss Company Faser-Plast.Their products display functionality and aesthetics in design.
From the Nanoo Collection, these Nan 15 bookshelves are designed by Nitzan Cohen, Munich.

The bookshelves are characterized by their inclined base with its side walls, positioned at right angles on either end..Which makes the books appear in their optimal position. Whats great is that this Nan15 is an expandable set of shelves, consisting of two different pieces which could be combined to any height or length..A structure that could be easily assembled without any tools. It could also function as a room divider. The design of the bookshelves, makes it an attractive display on both sides, great for the home or office.


Bahraini Diva said...

Now thats SUPER COOL! good choice

thirty1seven said...

Thanks Maha! :)