Sunday, November 30, 2008

What drives your creativity?

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Have been quite busy these past few days, but everything's good now..This weekend I went to visit Jewelery Arabia! (one of the best exhibitions of the year in Bahrain). As I walked around the halls where the most precious jewels, watches, perfumes, etc. are displayed, I stopped in a few stalls and kept wondering where do all these jewelers get their inspirations from to create pieces that are detailed and unique. I have noticed that some had passion in their designs that their pieces stand out, but there are others who don't put much creativity in it that it doesn't stand out, as crafted from the heart. I stopped in one of the stalls where I was looking at a piece of long necklace made from small rose colored pearls, somehow I sensed that I own something similar (I forget sometimes). The seller at the stall was explaining to me how if sometimes they lose inspiration.. designers just copy from one another!! What the?! that's not creative! I know that these things exist.. she seemed so proud that some designers copy off of one another I didn't even bother carrying on my conversation with her.

So what really fuels our creativity? our imagination? how do we deal with things?
Everyone has something special and not everyone is the same. You may call it your perspective, or vision, whatever it may be..For some it is the core of who they really are as a person, a deep spiritual meaning in their way of life. The book "Vision" is a collection of what drives the most innovative artists in Portland..The Inside Light: a collaboration between Chris Hornbecker and CINCO. There is a simple word that describes your drive of creativity, here are some of the artists, their words and what inspires them to do what they do..whats your word? Haven't found mine yet..

CINCO designs


Anonymous said...

giving: to give the chance, to allow others to be seen, to be happy on the inside

diva said...

It would have to be diversity for me.

Diversity is the chance to expand your horizons!

btw, you have great posts! keep it up

thirty1seven said...

anon: giving a chance is undeniable :)
diva: I believe that too!

thank you both for your comments