Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember Lego?

Back in the days, it was great playing with LEGOs, and I always thought it really fuels your creative juices to come up with the most abstract ways of creating/building something, from a funky house, to a dinosaur, etc.. I was amazed when I saw these and thought what a creative way to use LEGO bricks to cover holes in the walls! Dispatchwork is a project by artist Jan Vormann, now located in Berlin, he did this previously in Bocchignano (a village near Rome), and Tel Aviv. With some helpers, he filled in World War II bullet holes in a building of Humbold University, and some other walls around town. You can go for a great walk around Berlin looking for LEGO patched up walls. He also has a exhibiton at Jarmuschek + Partner gallery until June 13th.

Jarmuschek + Partner
Invalidenstrasse 50/51
Halle am Wasser
10557 Berlin
Tu-Sa 12-18 h
+49 (0)30 28599070


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