Saturday, September 27, 2008

Milk Bottle Art!

For months it has been a daily puzzle in which homeowners in Stourbridge and the surrounding villages in the West Midlands, UK, have been receiving empty but finely detailed engraved milk bottles at their doorsteps whenever they pick up their daily milk from the milk man. The mystery artist was nicknamed the Milk Bottle Banksy. It is now revealed that this artist is Charlotte Hughes-Martin.
" there is another level of glass that we take for granted. Functional everyday ware that we care so little for, and is simply discarded. This is the same material, yet we look at it in such a different way. I love the idea of taking this so familiar item of glass and elevating it to the level of Art. I imagine the well lit ornament cabinet, and inside a piece of cut crystal sitting next to an old milk bottle. Classic. " The 30-year-old artist also says that she had been motivated by a desire to show how 'domestic, everyday objects can be things of beauty too'.

A resident says: 'The milkman came to collect the bottles, but I didn't want to give him the one with the picture on it, I'm going to keep it. It might be worth something one day.'

Love her fine intricate work.. she's a creative artist, and she has other works than milk bottles..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Touch your Ego

The Ego for Bentley notebook has launched! As a result of the partnership between the car manufacturer and Ego Lifestyle. The Ego for Bentley notebook features a 64-bit processor, a 160Gb Hard drive and comes with the Microsoft Vista operating system. It also comes with an integrated handle that removes the need for a bag or case.

From the Bentley Press:
ntley is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership between Ego Lifestyle and Bentley Motors resulting in a limited edition luxury notebook, known as ‘Ego for Bentley’. No more than 250 pieces will be retailed globally in high-end stores from autumn 2008. Since 2003 Ego Lifestyle has been crafting the world’s most desirable luxury notebooks with the same unmistakable values that define every Bentley – breathtaking performance, handcrafted luxury and refinement, bespoke design and dedication to absolute quality. A sophisticated blend of form and function, this special Limited Edition reflects the individuality and discerning style of both car and driver – the ultimate partner for the perfect drive.

A lot of the unique Bentley details can be found in the bespoke Ego for Bentley notebook, hand-built, same colors, same finishes etc. of the luxury car could be found.

The Ego for Bentley price is around £10,000 / €12,500 / USD19,800.

Check it out..
Ego for Bentley

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Faberges & Bronziness

Just a melange of the classic and the modern ..
Who knew that the iconic Faberge eggs would one day be on the catwalk.. thanks to Alexander McQueen, his clutches (the eggs) could be worn.. hmm dunno if I might own one.. but sometimes out of pure spontaneousness and my love of art I do shop for artsy pieces :)
The art pieces below them are made by INGRID DONAT & VINCENT DUBOURG entitled "Conversations in Bronze"..

Unlimited Creativity

What happens when you provide a laboratory to architects and designers and give them the freedom to create experimental furniture objects and interior installations? Vitra Edition!! Nothing is limited when it comes to choices of materials, technologies, applications and formal concepts in the existing Vitra vocabulary, while they have full access to Vitra’s technical know-how. Working without the constraints of market and the production logic has a liberating effect and results to surprising solutions and new ways of seeing design!!

1. Installation of Vitra Edition.
2. Rocs by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.
3. Zaha Hadid's Mesa.
4. Kimono Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka.

Courtesy of Vitra

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Eid is almost here!!...The hassle of preparing for it couldn't be more excruciating for some..
Now's time to get yourselves ready, facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, last-minute eid clothing shopping!, etc..and last but not least, panic the day before with fusses about hair, makeup, clothes being ready, accessories ready etc.. How do you treat your week before?

I say relaaaaaaxxxx.....

Rough Diamond Collection by Lee Broom

He sourced vintage furniture pieces into updated contemporary statements by the use of LIGHTS. There are 6 pieces, The top picture is the "Club Chair" a traditional chesterfield adorned with fairground jewel lightbulbs. The next piece is the "Bright on Bistro Chair" an antique classic bentwood chair rescued from a tea house in Brighton, accentuated and highlighted with delicate turquoise neon. The third piece is "Luminaire Bergere" , an unfinished version of the Parisian relic.

"these pieces would have had pride of place in any room in their day, so I wanted to give them new life but without forgetting their identity and journey." says Lee.. The result = Dramatic, strikingly familiar, unusual, BC?!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Corian® loves MISSONI in London!

Iconic design material meets world-class master in color and style

After being a hit during Milan Design Week, they're now in London..
Emotionally warm, enticing and visually inspiring!!! – these pieces express the design versatility of DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces through the style of Missoni. WOW! The interior vision of “CORIAN® loves MISSONI” is at once rational and essential, yet rich in color, taste and imagination, reflecting the extraordinary creativity and the skills in color research and combination that has made the Missoni style so unique and distinctive since the 60’s. BC!! LOVE!! :D

Friday, September 19, 2008

For shoe addicts!

To make a big entry and fashion statement,
coveted shoes are essential! Shoes always has a way
in presenting itself as a challenge to fashion designers. Shoe Design is an overview of current designers from all over the world, featuring the most important trends and names in the fashion shoe industry..

The book is available to purchase in December 2008

Jewelry Art..When experimentation has a purpose

When jewelry is perceived as more than just wearable art, stand-alone, sculptural and aloof. In order to completely understand contemporary jewelry design, one should understand the meaning of art experimentation. From conceptual projects, material studies, past inspirations and social commentaries are the what every design project goes through.

The various creations by international designers presented in this book gives us an outline on current trends and developments in the field of jewelry. Their work is presented as a snapshot of individual practices, a broad sampling of innovative creations and forward-looking designers. What unites them are everyday considerations on context and production.

Pictures as well as information on crafting techniques and materials underline the infinite creative potential of jewelry design.

The book is available to purchase
ISBN 978-3-86654-049-1
384 pages with hardcover linen

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This painting is done by my brother and a little help from me about interconnections..I love it its so RETRO! The combination of colors and the interconnected circles makes this really unique!! So BC! (beautifully chaotic)

Problems to Solutions

Weird Solutions that hmm.. u might find it interestingly useful or not..These are made by Mimuun, a company that creates designs inspired by familiar objects and issues, and encourages people to think about the good of humanity.

1. Universal Toilet - a concept curving toilet, that allows wheelchair users and anyone else to slide forward directly onto the toilet. A separate chest board in-front of the sink is provided to lean in against instability.

2. Plug - when small ideas change life's habits, its a decorative plug as reminder to not waste, to save energy and safety. One of the easiest ways to prevent global warming is by removing unused plugs.

3. Measuring Towel -a more playful contra-concept of our digital world. To those of you who likes to measure yourselves after you have taken a shower and in hopes to bring self-confidence. A weird product.. Though I might not want to own one :/

4. T-Shirt - For pregnant women, made out of extra elastic material..As the belly grows bigger, the special symbol grows bigger too! A weird indication of the actual size of the baby.

5. Thermometer Light - When the light is turned on, it gives off heat. The hotter the light gets, the higher the red line goes up. The light of the the lamp turns red gradually. A symbol to think about global warming too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prints Charming

From Spanish born London-based Cristian Zuzunaga, comes this fresh visionary designs reflecting a new take on textile printing.
He bursted onto the art scene last year with a print for Royal College of Art (RCA) fashion graduate Peter Smith's collection, which stole the show. A year later, he got commissions from Moroso, Kvadrat, and Ligne Roset.
His prints are available to see during 100% design, 18-21 September at Ligne Roset's West End London store...
Having learnt from both fashion and interior designers, he prefers sitting on his fabric than wearing them. Oh and he does photography too! Now he's really BC..

Architecture made out of Household objects

Habitat Machines by David Trautrimas

By a dramatic distortion of scale and context, David's photo-based architecture scrutinizes the construction of residential buildings using everyday objects. Household appliances from different periods are morphed into greater architectural visionary by the viewer.

His exhibition opens on the 25 September - 19 October. Toronto, Canada

1. Coffee pot towers. 2008 .19'' x 29"
2. Iron Apartments. 2008 . 20" x 30"
3. Stand Mixer Mews. 2008 . 16" x 32"

Monday, September 15, 2008

On the Go .. A la LV

Sometimes when you just need to do a quick errand, all you need is your wallet, phone, maybe ipod, and lipbalm..(depending of course)
Say hello to Louis Vuitton's new Insolite wallet..
It could be held as a clutch, or as a wallet in the bag.. totally up to you. The best part is this durable canvas with the signature LV logo opens up to a bold colored leather in red, ivory, green, or purple..and there are enough compartments to store your necessities!
Prices are $565, available at Louis Vuitton.

A Serene Ballet of Innocent Disturbia in S/S 09

Its London Fashion Week...Dreamy, soft, placid, innocently eccentric..
Silky fairytale layers with towering cork platforms at Charles Anastase. Ruffled chiffon blouse paired with a body-hugging pencil skirt at Graeme Black, vintage inspired colorful finesse at Ossie Clarks. What more than to pair it up with ruffled up louboutins shown at Phillip Lims Show.. Love? Hate? Its a be the judge