Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Armani on 5th Avenue

The Armani Store on 5th Avenue, New York, designed by Fuskas Studio, shows true "international style". Sleek and modern, with a grand focal point, the grand staircase. Connecting to all the levels of the store, it grasps our attention with its unusual shape and lighting. Using the same materials, colors, and shapes used throughout Armani stores worldwide, this one is a one stop showstopper because it houses all the Armani products under one roof.

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Sweet Ceramics

Stunning ceramics by London ceramicist Jo Davies.
Her range of ceramics consists of beautiful vases, lamps, bowls,vessels, and sculptures, all available to purchase from her site. Beautiful artwork :)


Dining in the Kitchen Part 1

There are numerous ways to dine in the kitchen these days. It all comes on how you make it a functional environment to cook and dine in the same area. Here are a few ideas that I've come across, but since there are so many, I decided to put part by part so that I won't overwhelm you with designs.

1. Continuous Flow. Harmonie Abricot Satin, Arthur Bonnet

2. Harmonious kitchen with wood. Tanaé, Pérène

3. Graphic black and white Baroque designs. Same colors around but different textures and finishes. Kamal, Mobalpa

4. Modern Lines of chrome, glossy lacquer and smooth finishes with pops of color. Hygena

5. Zen in the Kitchen. Harmonie, Arthur Bonnet

6. White Lounge. Alnogloss, Alno

CM Février 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chairs inspired from Classic Menswear

The RE:cover Chairs designed by Swedish designer Fredrik Färg, were inspired by classic menswear, such as suits and dinner jackets.

A formal menswear that never goes out of style is brought into a new light, by means of creating these unique chairs. Nowadays when I see lots of men sporting the suit jacket either worn with a regular t-shirt and jeans, or a bit formal with a button down shirt and pants in an eye-popping color or in a trendy manner, they have taken a modern way of wearing whats usually put aside to wear only for formal occasions into daily wear, that's hip, trendy, and brings a new strong modern male personality into stage.

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Topsy Turvy

Its topsy turvy..mix and match..push and pull..beautiful chaos inspirations!! Here's how:

1. Suspension style loft - with large suspended lamps that stand out in a contrasting color.

2. A glossy twist - a murano glass sculptural piece brings artistic flavour into the space. Also bring in the same color palette as the sculptural piece to other elements around the space, such as the living room sofa, or a table. Accentuate the place.

3. Freshen up a small space - Play with the height and the large windows by keeping things simple when furnishing a small space, to avoid overcrowding.

4. A Minimalist spirit - play along with the same color palette to balance the tones around. Here the lamp comes from the same color palette as the wooden floor, the window frame, and the color of the furniture.

5. Mix up the textures but stay within the same color palette. Ex. the metals, with the brass, with the dark wood, and the classical colors of white and black all blend together. Add pops of color in another texture such as glass to lift the space.

6. Combination of contemporary designs with contrasting colors. Big seatings and lamps combined with a contrasting color on the walls.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gourmet Foam ?!

You can obsess over going to Michelin star restaurants to get gourmet food..but there's something new in the market. Its Airspuma! A new innovative range of foam sauces, with five flavours: Black truffle, Porcini Mushroom, Mango and Passion Fruit, Raspberry, and Vanilla. All of which contain natural ingredients and flavours, lowfat, vegetarian, and easy to use.

You can have the gastronomic experience of El Bulli or the Fat Duck at home at the press of a button. Afterall, the molecular gastronomic trend has already been popular at many trendy restaurants.
Airspuma has won the Judge's Grand Prix Trends and Innovation Award at the 2008 SIAL awards in Paris, and is a popular part of the Balsamico range.

Available at Harvey Nichols Foodmarket, UK.

Address: the one with the blue rooftop

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Project: 45 sq. meter extension private residence, and 120 sq. meter terrace for the Didden Family by MVRDV Architects.

It stands out doesn't it? And its a beautiful color too!! It looks like there's a trend with making the roof a living and working space, like how this family did. The rooftop above has open showers, benches with tables, and greenery. All optimizing life on the rooftop.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Creative Business Cards

No more dull and boring business cards..see how these people used their creativity to make great business cards (according to industry) ! I especially love the chocolate one!


Tube Etiquette

Tube etiquette and subversive signage:

1. Uses of intriguing and interactive graphics to help make the tube a nicer place.
2. Highlighting the safety and social problems.
3. Personal responses to universal problems that help social problems.

All by London graphics and communications designer William Shaun Bartlett.

Daring artful mosaic

The new Hedonism collection from Sicis, is a daring form of artful mosaic showcasing the male and female form assembled in an artistic way from glass tiles. The beauty of the body is captured and formed in such a way that it almost looks real, but with a great mesmerizing effect. They've played with different types of glass tiles such as, iridescent tiles which adds shimmer, and a touch of bold opaque color, together they make it a sophisticated piece suitable for placing anywhere that needs an intimate feel to the room.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Knitted lights

Meet knotted light objects Ray & Matt, by llot lov design studio. Experimenting with objects and spilling out creative ideas that have no boundaries..taking risks by understanding the elements and learning about its unknown capabilities in endless creative ways.

The lamp Ray, is capable of being a lying, hanging, or decorative lamp that's 12 meters long. A lamp thats adaptive to many environments as you move along from one place to the other.
Matt is made to be moved and played around with. Yet its also an eco-friendly energy saving blub that doesn't emit heat.

Both make interesting decor elements and is great fun for all ages :)