Thursday, July 9, 2009

The design of the Grid House

The Grid House is a beautifully designed and constructed, deeply thought of house blended with the lush surrounding landscape. Designed by Brazilian Architectural Firm Forte, Gimenes, & Marcondes Ferraz. I'm in love that something so geometric has been put into this beautiful environment and blends in very well, speaking of the wood, the open grid plan, the format of the house is just amazing. The interior furniture could be much better, but as of now, I'm just admiring the architecture of it all..

Read the article about it here. via contemporist

Who said DIY can't be pretty?

Not Maison Martin Margiela.. during his show in the Artisanal Fall 2009 Collection. Yes, recession is still here but hopefully its getting better, we need not to speak too soon.
The message of this show was DIY. You can do anything yourself, and it CAN be pretty, not overly messy or chaotic, unless beautifully chaotic of course! Inspiration? Anything! Materials? your local hardware store, or any other place that you can find materials and morph them into something uniquely creative made by you.

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For a Japanese-Kimono statement furniture in the room, the Kimono Chaise lounge and Hakama Chair & ottoman by Kimono New York speaks..designed by designer William Gordon, and manufacturer Walter P.Sauer. A contemporary form of furniture in a traditional japanese fabric made from Nishijin silk Obi. Such delicate work and long labor time to create this fabric, really brings out its beauty.

Kimono New York, a company in NYC that is dedicated to promoting the use of the kimono and oni textiles for furnishings and decor.

Kimono New York