Thursday, March 5, 2009


Supermarket - a concept store designed by reMiks (a leading Serbian creative design studio), located in Belgrade. It is on the fast track of becoming the destination for the latest and unique in arts and culture. Kind of like Colette in Paris, but a bit different.

A former discount market, is now a bar, restaurant, fashion boutique and lounge, and finally a spa and salon.. all in this space that is inspired by the "Golden Years of Communism". The interior is raw and unfinished giving off this unpredictable feel, yet also is the basis of contemporary art and design in designing the retail space. Random objects could be found such as : hospital screens, fridge, camper van, a derelict freight elevator door as toilet doors, etc.

The retail concept store of Supermarket is done to: Enhance your shopping with various experiences throughout the store, it is a place that you can hold events, a cultural content, promotion of young designers, educating consumers, products shown in unique inventive ways, influence tastes of consumers, high communication and interaction between the consumers and the products, and the best part is, its eco-friendly with high quality and style.


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