Monday, March 30, 2009

Ping-Pong Dining Table

Ping-Pong Dining Table for Mein Gallery.

What looks like your dining table is also a ping-pong table. It is an official-sized game table with DuPont Corian surface CNC machine-routed, with an elegant style of French Rococo patterns and gold-lacquered Ping-Pong Iconography, supported on hand-lathed timber legs.
Designed by young Singaporean Designer (and a Ping-Pong enthusiast himself) Hunn Wai, for Mein Gallery. Looking back at the origins of the birth of table-tennis, the duality of the table being suitable for both dining on and playing on. What was an indoor entertainment game for upper-class Victorians to play after-dinner, it is now an international game played world-wide. To top off the elegance, the table long vase filled with blossoms makes a beautiful center-piece and also serves as a beautiful "net" for the game. Wai also did a similar project previously, a Paul Smith Ping-Pong Table.


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