Saturday, March 14, 2009

A colorful festival in this island

Bahrain is such a diverse artful island, especially during the months of March and April, where the Spring of Culture takes place. I'm proud to say that I love it when I see more and more people turning up to see what the festival holds.. Now in its fourth year, a bigger wave of artful creativity dazzles us bringing together music, sounds, and artful talent from around the world.

Yesterday, Award-winning vocalist Angelique Kidjo delighted the audience with her lively music in Arad Fort. Coming soon, Ghalia Benali will bring a soulful touch with her music, Cuba's Diva Omara Portuondo, as well as Salzburg Marionette's Sound of Music, and there's so much more! I can go on and on, so much to see so much to do!..It's an inspiring festival..An eclectic taste of art! From plays, to musical concerts, to colorful art exhibitions, poetry readings, workshops, sessions with some of the performing artists, lectures, and dance performances..It's Colorful Artistic and Green! Yes, the Spring of Culture is taking its first steps by going green in an attempt to save and protect the environment.

The Spring of Culture is for all age groups, enjoyed by Bahrainis and Non-bahrainis alike, because art is a universal language, understood by many, and appreciated by many. Another year for a colorful cultural festival around the island..and to many more :)

For more on this colorful festival, visit Spring of Culture

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I wish I was in Bahrain! :'(