Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dining in the Kitchen Part 2

Some more ideas...

1. Outdoorsy - Have your meals around elements that reminds you of the outdoors, woods, slate, real plants around, oh and big windows overlooking a gorgeous garden. Z' in, Xavier' Z.

2. Functionality - Hide them in the cupboards, pull out table, your pick. But these are fixed..just to give you an idea. Alexandra - Teisseire.

3. Uber Minimalism - Structured, fine lines, blends of glass with dark wood makes the environment not too cool not too warm. More segmento, Poggenpohl.

4. Circular Functionality - the center circular furniture is entirely equipped to cook on.. it serves a purpose and looks good next to the straight lines of the kitchen area. Flow, design Giugiaro Design - Scavolini.

5. Structural - Glass doors dividing the living area from the kitchen area, luminous finishes on the cupboards and table. Clean colors makes the space bigger. Essenza - Comprex.

6. Elegance - Traditional furniture with high-tech equipment. Mixture of materials of wood, granite and brushed stainless steel. Large dark dining table . Beautiful Arts - Siematic.

CM FĂ©vrier 2009

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