Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do magazines still inspire us in creativity?

The freedom of expressing ourselves has long evolved nowadays with much more creativity than we've seen before. For example, we have the freedom of writing and posting via blogging, wordpress, etc. or we have the freedom of expressing ourselves through art, for example in advertising, visual arts, editorial designs, etc. Just take a look at how and where we get inspiration from. Most of all, we get it from magazines. We do turn ourselves to our computers searching for the latest and the best in art via googling or bloggers who are up-to-date in many aspects of life, be it in topics of fashion, design, cars, or what ever your interests may be. Yet somehow we still turn ourselves into magazines..whether buying it for the sake of reading it or for admiring the hardwork put into making it highly creative, by the forms of excellent writing, great photography, art work, advertising..thus keeping us coming back for more!

As I was browsing online for a new coffee table book, I fell upon "We Make Magazines..Inside the Independants" by Gestalthen Publishers. The book explores the dynamic magazine culture and celebrates their visual energy and brilliant ideas that they've come up with, and how they've evolved during the years to keep things interesting and artistic. The layouts, the spreads, the photography, the paper used, its different than what we "see" via the internet. Its a different feeling. It still interests us to buy magazines because somehow the internet alone doesn't satisfy us in terms of just getting inspirations for many things. The magazines, art books, real-life situations, advertistments, and many more can inspire us to do many things (generally in art).

The book is edited by passionate international magazine connoisseurs. It features exclusive in-depth interviews with editors and founders, and illustrates diverse topics that are essential in publishing magazines. Showcasing more than 100 independent magazines with stunning spreads, images, layouts, and websites, from over 30 different countries. It has a directory of over 700 of the most cutting-edge independent magazines available!! This book is for anyone who has a passion for print in the media, or who just want a beatiful book for the coffee table.

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