Monday, March 2, 2009

Grandeur Overload! A Mad Hatter's Home

Lavish Luxury Glamourous Extravagant Artistic Modern Unique Stylish

An eclectic mix of styles from contemporary to baroque to modern, with vibrant colours, a style reminisence of old hollywood glamour including cutting edge design. A frenzical place you could call a mad hatter's home, dressing up for the tea party - all creating a bomb effect of glamour with a capital G.

This is the G hotel, a stylish boutique hotel located in Galway, Ireland. G stands for Glamour and Galway. Designed by the famous Philip Treacy (native of Galway). The hotel has this mesmerizing effect to those who immediately enter the hotel and gaze at this wondrous wonderland of plush lavish high extravagance. To say the least, he has amazed us with his ability to make you feel special.

" After all a good hat, no matter how much it costs, has the ability to make the wearer feel like a million dollars" says Philip Treacy, " Walking into the g has the same effect. It is like walking onto a film set. Each guest will respond to this experience in a quite different way but, for each of them, it is their moment on the red carpet".

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