Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pushing Design: New Art, its Kanye's cover

He does it again! I just love how Kanye West is so creative and artsy I had to post his latest project here. Pushing the boundaries of art and design, Kanye is inspiring the use of advanced technology on the new cover of Complex magazine with the help of videographer and photographer Chris Milk. A project that's about the futuristic creation of the Complex April/May cover photo shoot using CGI (Computer-generated Imagery), by creating a photograph from a facial scan that gathers data from a camera that revolves around an object. A computer then brings the images together to create an eerie detailed 2D photograph. Cool!!!

Watch this cool video to see behind the scenes. Click here

* Complex Magazine is a Men's lifestyle/style magazine


diva said...

This is freakishly amazing! ESQUE!!
The video really shows you the concept and the way they did what they did..LOVE KANYE!!

Great post 317!

thirty1seven said...

thank u so much diva! glad u liked it :)