Friday, February 20, 2009

Topsy Turvy

Its topsy turvy..mix and match..push and pull..beautiful chaos inspirations!! Here's how:

1. Suspension style loft - with large suspended lamps that stand out in a contrasting color.

2. A glossy twist - a murano glass sculptural piece brings artistic flavour into the space. Also bring in the same color palette as the sculptural piece to other elements around the space, such as the living room sofa, or a table. Accentuate the place.

3. Freshen up a small space - Play with the height and the large windows by keeping things simple when furnishing a small space, to avoid overcrowding.

4. A Minimalist spirit - play along with the same color palette to balance the tones around. Here the lamp comes from the same color palette as the wooden floor, the window frame, and the color of the furniture.

5. Mix up the textures but stay within the same color palette. Ex. the metals, with the brass, with the dark wood, and the classical colors of white and black all blend together. Add pops of color in another texture such as glass to lift the space.

6. Combination of contemporary designs with contrasting colors. Big seatings and lamps combined with a contrasting color on the walls.


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