Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dining in the Kitchen Part 1

There are numerous ways to dine in the kitchen these days. It all comes on how you make it a functional environment to cook and dine in the same area. Here are a few ideas that I've come across, but since there are so many, I decided to put part by part so that I won't overwhelm you with designs.

1. Continuous Flow. Harmonie Abricot Satin, Arthur Bonnet

2. Harmonious kitchen with wood. Tanaé, Pérène

3. Graphic black and white Baroque designs. Same colors around but different textures and finishes. Kamal, Mobalpa

4. Modern Lines of chrome, glossy lacquer and smooth finishes with pops of color. Hygena

5. Zen in the Kitchen. Harmonie, Arthur Bonnet

6. White Lounge. Alnogloss, Alno

CM Février 2009

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