Sunday, February 1, 2009

A round of Art Therapy

After a stressful few weeks, I decided to give myself some Art therapy. I headed over in anticipation to Bahrain National Museum to see the 35th Bahrain Annual Fine Art Exhibition. In its 35th year, the show is one of the key events that helps boost Bahrain's progressive growth in the Arts and Culture.

I was welcomed with a variety of mediums from 67 Bahraini Artists, all either well-known artists who have established themselves within the region and abroad, and some just starting out. There were colorful displays of oil paintings, photography, sculptures from marble, metal, pottery works, as well as a video installation. As I wandered through the exhibit, I kept thinking about the different ways each individual approached in creating their art, some were abstract artists, other used intricate details in their work. The Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, who opened the exhibition, asked the artists to convey Bahrain's modern message in calling for peace and stability through different art forms. He stressed that Art is the only language understood by people worldwide despite their cultural and intellectual backgrounds. Art is a universal language understood by many..I definitely agree :)


diva said...

I love that you're actually posting about the art happenings in Bahrain, other than the great stuff you post :) Great start for 2009! Keep them coming..and all the best xx

thirty1seven said...

Thanks diva :) yes this is a new start for 2009! Inshalla I'll try my best to keep it up