Friday, February 6, 2009

Preserved in an Iceberg

British artist Mark Quinn explores the relationship between science, nature, and the climate change in his art. His "ICEBERG" collection is a breathtaking collection that says look at me, I bring freshness and beauty in the air, yet it also has another very important message.

These sculpted staturio marble that look like icebergs are cut flat, and inlaid on its tops are semi-precious stones intricately placed by a technique called "Pietra dura". The origin of this technique shows itself in the Medici family workshop and evident in the Taj Mahal.

This artwork isn't just something to stare at and not touch, it is also a functional object. A statement piece that's functional. The highly pigmented semi-precious stones brings a sense of life to the pure white marble with their natural flora and fauna. A contrast in textures and materials. The matte texture of the marble is clashed with the illusional smooth polished surface of the stones. Together, it looks like jeweled flowers are frozen in this rough marble, like a fossil. Preserved in its natural beauty. One can only hope that all this won't be gone from the global warming. Another reason why its important to be aware of our environment and our surroundings.

1.2 Glacier is White marble, black Belgium marble,white Onyx, green Malachite, blue Agate

3. Desk is White marble, green ming, black belgium marble, blue agate, green malachite

4. Bench is White marble, black belgian marble and blue agate


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