Friday, February 13, 2009

Knitted lights

Meet knotted light objects Ray & Matt, by llot lov design studio. Experimenting with objects and spilling out creative ideas that have no boundaries..taking risks by understanding the elements and learning about its unknown capabilities in endless creative ways.

The lamp Ray, is capable of being a lying, hanging, or decorative lamp that's 12 meters long. A lamp thats adaptive to many environments as you move along from one place to the other.
Matt is made to be moved and played around with. Yet its also an eco-friendly energy saving blub that doesn't emit heat.

Both make interesting decor elements and is great fun for all ages :)



Change said...

I love this, I always had an issue with lights, this is more controllable..!!

thirty1seven said...

Thanks for your comment change..glad you find this useful :D