Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear Coffee Table...

You are one of the most practical convenient table in the living room. You complete the environment.. without you there is no place to lay my magazines and coffee-table books, or place my cup of tea on top of a coaster so that it won't damage you, or even have a meal while dining in front of the TV. You my dear coffee table give pleasure to the room, to me, your design is the reflection of my taste. I have picked you to be in my living room. Without you..the living room is not complete.

Choose your coffee table wisely..

Coffee Table Pictures:

1.Ukir, La Maison Coloniale.
2.Dentelle de Acrila, chez Bo.
3.Capricio, catalogue AM-PM
4.Shuffle, Habitat.
5.En bois flotté, Bleu Nature.
6.Table en acacia. Red Edition.
7.Fire & Ice, EcoSmart.
8.Twist à partir, Design Martinez Otero, Corbiere.

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