Thursday, December 11, 2008

Traditional farm meets contemporary design

There is absolutely no need to follow the so-called design rules when it comes to creating.. practically anything. In this post, I have decided to show how a traditional farm with a traditional exterior facade, but with a contemporary interior and modern touches around the exterior that makes the place unique!

Since being on a farm, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, its a great thing to put in large windows to get the picturesque view of the outside landscape. Communicating the interior with the exterior is of vital importance when you're in a place like this. Therefore, the designer has created a sense of openness with the overflow of the living room space onto the garden and the court without any interruptions. We see a space bathed in natural light. A play of glazed transparency gives a great effect in which we see on one side the countryside, and on the other, the courtyard. The designer also played with the height and made the living room gain all its height from the masonry, which allowed the installation of a mezzanine. With that, the mezzanine floor creates a cozy space underneath for the dining room. A great way to balance space with height.

The beam structure in the bedroom creates a great emphasis and character of traditional structural design with contemporary furniture. The interior exhibits true deco design. Vintage models of Vico low chairs, Derin tables, a Divani sette, and some white Serralunga pots to name a few..

In the courtyard, the way the plants, concrete tiles, stones were arranged gives a modern look.

Photography: Frédéric Ducout
Via: Maison Magazine (HS) Printemps 2008

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