Sunday, December 14, 2008

Make way for the young and creative..Part 1

Number one..they're coming..they're here..they're new..and they're cool

Reminds me of "Designers .. Make it Work " Tim Gunn from Project Runway ;)

First up, we have German-born Peter Hornstein. Moved to Belgium to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Design Style: Scientific, laboratory-style methodology mets future aesthetics. He won the prestigious 1.2.3. Award at the Hyères fashion competition for his aptly titled, yet extraordinary debut graduate 2007 collection, Bionic.

Pic 1: A cut-out stucco dress from his second collection for S/S ’09, complete with holographic belt, bracelets, and sandals.

Next up, Danielle Scutt. A Central Saint Martins graduate with an MA in Womenswear, and is also the beneficiary of New Generation sponsorship from Topshop. Design style: Colorful, daring, and eccentric collection with lots of bold statements about modern femininity.. with a bit of 60s-70s aesthetics (body stockings, delicate sheer silks, chunky denims, layered headscarves, etc.)

Pic 2: Striped silk number from her recent S/S '09 collection.

Third, Essex-born Hannah Marshall. She has carved out an impressive name for herself in a relatively short time. After training at Colchester School of Art & Design and has worked with several London designers over the years, including Jonathan Saunders, Robert Cary Williams and Justin Oh..and she's only 26!

Pic 3: She is a mistress of dark, sculptured tailoring. From her recent collection, Power Architect.

Fourth, Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato. He studied fashion at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. His graduate collection was inspired by the vivid imagination of Leonardo da Vinci, and his capacity to create ‘complex machines with simple structures, propelled by natural energies like wind, water, and human muscle.’ His garments are a blend of ‘primitive’, raw material, a mixture of leather, wood, and technologically enhanced substances like super-strong paper! – a unique aesthetic, if you dare pull it off..then this designer is worth watching out for!

Pic 4: From his collection, a leather coat with paper lapel.

To be continued...

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