Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its not unusual..

"Its not unusual to be loved by anyone

Its not unusual to have fun with anyone

but when I see you hanging about with anyone

Its not unusual to see me cry

oh I wanna die..."

Tom Jones

The song was playing in my ear as my phone beeped a new message. Ko! She's back with some good news! and by that I mean fashion news! Ok, reading through the message..scan..scan..skip..no..yes..wait..yes..hummm...yes! With my chirpy mood today..Im in the mood for something new! For those who love the latest in fashion, here:

First off, for those who love wearing light jewelery everyday ..introducing the new Spanish jewelery line Montse Esteve. Offering a line of yellow, pink, or white 18-carat gold bracelets with 11 or 14 diamonds on colored silk threads. Also available with pure yellow 18-carat gold balls.

Next, one of Ko's must-haves ..Proenza Schouler's PS1 bags. PS1 is named after the New York City Public School System. A modernized version of the timeless classic satchel..Could be carried by hand or on the shoulder..

Third, Jeremy Scott's version of the Longchamp bag..His design for the Spring/Summer 09 collection has to be seen why? the classic bag is printed with a "floral flight" pattern: Red roses with black planes..now this is unusual..

Its not unusual to be seen with something new...available at colette.


whoissecretdubai said...
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nyxxie said...

oh that first bag is so cute!

thirty1seven said...

I agree ;) ..thanks for commenting

we could grow up together said...

i DIE i DIE (channelling rachel zoe) for the PS1

diva said...

these are fabulous! I crave crave and crave!