Monday, December 29, 2008

Your Foyer is You

When you enter someone's house or even your own house the first thing you notice is the foyer (entryway).. It immediately triggers what style your house is AND your personality too. Most people don't pay much attention to the foyer thinking its just the entryway, contrary to the belief that upon entering the living room or any space to accommodate guests is the immediate perception of the person's living style is.

The foyer should never be ignored, it is one of the most vital aspects of interior design. Your foyer should show how you want others to see you and should balance with the rest of the design of your house.

Lets see 3 styles here:

1A. Rustic country-side: A house in Brittany, in a small manor XVIIIe, an old oyster table, with a wicker basket, some old pictures with the freshness of the cool bluish grey flooring sets the mood.
1B. How to do it.

2.A. Traditional Chic: Checkered black and white marble flooring, symmetrical balance of two old consoles with a large vase complements the doorway, and on the walls "Clunch" by Farrow & Ball.
2.B. How to do it.

3.A. Modern Loft: A Parisian modern loft style, with simple modern elements and bold colors.
3.B. How to do it.

Via Maison Fran├žaise Octobre/Novembre 2008


The Concrete Commentator said...

nice post! I too agree with the whole foyer decor.

Anonymous said...

True so true! especially when you said about the living room.
I should start thinking of the foyer of my new house ;)

thirty1seven said...

I saw it as a need to post about it because alot of people who don't hire designers ignore it.
Thank you both for commenting :)