Sunday, December 7, 2008

Metals and Patinas could work together

This is the house of Frederic Tabary, A decorator specialist..he has created a style with metals and patinas. When wood and iron come together in this case in a house, it could make it a unique warming environment..with a workshop spirit. I have thought of posting about this for a while now, because it truly defines Beautiful Chaos..Simple, not much going on, the melange of metals and patinas in a home with a couple of artwork is unique..Its not minimalist nor is it ultra-warm..the balance is just right. So here's a little bit about each picture by order:

1. With long windows that bring light into the kitchen, an old original tub shower with eagle legs comes into focus..this is actually the kitchen sink (you read right). The beams of support came from an industrial building.

2. Wood in small areas brings a warm and friendly tone to the house.

3. In the bedroom, an old print fabric is the bedspread. There's no headboard instead the grey-battened wall behind almost acts like one. A wall decoration "So?" gives an amusing message to the space.

4. A small window above the bathroom sink gives light from the bedroom into the bathroom. With the wood battened wall giving the room a rustic feel, and the modern glass bowls of the sink, there's a contrast of elements. There's a cute hand-print on the wall as well.

5. Little bits and pieces are on display at the corner office. At first glance we see the @ symbol, then there's the hand of an old mannequin holding a lamp.

6. Slim metals, grey-battened walls, and colorful artwork, brings down the visual roughness of the materials together.

Photography by Guillaume Delaubier
Appeared in Côté Ouest


The Concrete Commentator said...

Love the kitchen!! Those windows are amazing. The textures in these rooms are just perfect. Oh and I hope you find some books from The Strand. I LOVE coffee table books too. I like using them as accessories in homes, plus the added bonus of a good read is great also. Thanks for your comments!

thirty1seven said...

I agree with you and about the coffee table books :D I'm ecstatic about it. Thanks for commenting too!