Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Journey of Tastes

Ah tis time to do some travel tasting across the countries. It's all about the teeny tiny things that makes a difference. Now if I just had the time to do so..where would I go?

First of all, on the start of my travel, something that I would probably take along with me though this may sound crazy, is this Mypressi Twist, the world's first portable espresso machine. Just add the coffee and hot water, with no external power needed, there's espresso ready anytime..The reason being is that sometimes you don't come across a good shot of espresso (thankfully I've come across many good ones ;) ), and that's why you can have your own portable machine, with your own choice of espresso beans, and you're done.

I'm off to I'll have to stop by La Grande Epicerie..mmm tasty treats all around but that's not what I'm here for, I'm here for the Photography Exhibition Le Goût du Luxe (Taste of Luxury) of fashion made with food. On display until May 17, so hurry!
Next stop, the Dammann Tea House in Place des Vosges. Dammann Freres teas date back to 1692, and house rare offerings of teas such as "Pu-Erh", a fermented tea with a deep aroma produced in Yunnan. There are tea tasters and wine tasters, etc. and this is a great tea tasting trip to make.

Over to New York, the Momofuku (meaning Lucky Peach) Milk Bar, the recently opened bakery in East Village, opened by chef-entrepreneur David Chung. A mix of American cuisine with Eastern influences united together. Banana green curry bread, marshmallow cookies, luscious cakes and icecream, are a few of the creations offered by Pastry chef Christina Tosi.

to be continued..

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