Saturday, May 2, 2009

Corsica & Provence Inspired Ideas

Lounging by the pool in a villa in Corsica, or taking indoors the charms of Provence, with beautiful panoramic views and days filled with sun, what more than to give you bright colorful decor ideas to pull this off in your own home.

1. As I always say, Accent don't overwhelm. Accent your decor with colors that inspire you, either alone or with complimentary colors. The colors of the sand, sun, sea, greenery, or even spices (think saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, etc.) gives off a great feel to the space.

2. Incorporate the colors in different amounts around the house, indoors and out, to give a sense of feel of what is sort of expected. Do that with different textures and materials. For example, in the outdoors we have long orange red vases by the door, once we step inside we see the color repeated but used on the walls (best bet: If you're doing a bright colored wall for the interior, please do so in one wall only so that you won't overwhelm the whole area).

Another part is the use of the same color on the sofa. (Important: Compliment the colors and textures with things that go with them or contrast them in a good way, ex. the use of different types of rich woods such as walnut, with the bright orange red color goes well together.

3. In the outdoors, go white..on the walls, the sofas, the tables, chairs, etc. Accent them with bright colored accessories, like a sunny yellow, an olive green, terracotta, or even turquoise. Whether out by the pool or by the garden. Ex. pillows, vases, glasses, dining ware.

4. Giving an airy feel of the space by adding a bright color. The use of a bright color in somewhere unusual gives a breathe of fresh air in the space, a more open fun kind of feel. Just don't do a color explosion, it could counter the effect.

photocredit: CMF

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