Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rolf transforms furniture

"I saw parts, I add new parts, I give a new life to a piece of furniture."

That's what I thought about once I first saw this designer's works. Meet Rolf.fr, a furniture transformer. True cutting traditional pieces of furniture can be brutal but what if you could turn its life around? Add in a few modern pieces, look at it in a different way, but it totally serves the same function! A cupboard is still a cupboard.

The reason being is that sometimes when a younger generation inherits traditional furniture used by their elder family members, they want something thats more modern or more their style not the style of their grandparents..though there are some who love traditional pieces of furniture and would rather keep it that way. These are for those who want to get rid of it but not really get rid of it, because it stores emotional memories, feelings over the years of the family together. Thus, Rolf.fr transforms the traditional furnitures in order to gain their place in the interiors of the younger generation, and keep their emotional value.

Rolf, an architect, also transformed old buildings into new buildings, useless ones into useful ones, etc. All the point of getting a new span of life.

photocredit: rolf.fr

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