Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not your regular dining experience

Your dining experience need not to be boring anymore..with a twist Rósa Björk, Katharina Moebus, and Julia Maltry, the young design trio behind Hùn Design, created a uniquely designed dining experience that gives a new way of dining. These students of Italy's Libera Universita di Bolzano, came up with the Forrestisch and Romantisch dining tables. They speak for themselves once seen.
The Romantisch is a table made from wax acting like a giant four-legged candle, where the theme makes it a perfect setting for a romantic candle-lit dinner, or an affectionate passage of time as the table melts with its use.
The Forrestisch is designed to reconnect diners with the source of all food (mostly) - nature. To eat, diners must "hunt" their camoflauged plate and cutlery from the lush forest print tablecloth background.

via Interior Design, hun-design

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