Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Hidden Retreat in Ombrie

It took 6 years for a keen restoration of this given up Italian masonry in Ombrie, a secret yet close friend of its famous neighbor Tuscany, in Italy. The land is a small place with majestic green valleys, corn fields under the sun, narrow curvy roads lined with cypress and oak trees leading to quint villages with a minor population, its a secret and its beautiful!
Dazzled by the site, two globe-trotters found this abandoned masonry building through dirt roads with a tower sitting high above the large wild valley of Carpini. They had a dream to turn this into a future home through some good rehabilitation (which took six years).

The couple's design created a bridge between the centuries. Mixing the old with the new, but with a alluring sense of purity and freshness blending with the picturesque views of Ombrie.
They've created the place with cement walls, medival stones, glass and iron, large open spaces, an industrial kitchen, minimalist furniture, stages of gardens, shaded terraces, mazed pathways, and 360 degrees of refreshing open panoramic views. The best part? you can stay in this retreat!

Torre di Moravola
Moravola Alta, San Faustino, 06014 Montone, PG Italia,
Tel.: 00 39 07 59 46 09 65.
Seven days, starting from 300 € with breakfast.

via Côté Sud Octobre / Novembre 2008

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