Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Effective Communication!

Latest project: Her window installation for Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon in South Kensington. A piece celebrating the famous residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, who have left their mark and contributed to its rich heritage.

A response designed to promote the M25 motorway. "wipe away the confusion take the M25".

From Man or Mouse: a campaign to encourage internet users to cut down their time and enjoy more of the outside world.
Commissioned illustration for the New York Times Magazine.

A collaborative project questioning how, what, when and where advertising prevades. Engaging and involving the audience with the advertising.

Visual Communication is very important when you want to say something that sometimes words cannot fulfill..This is why graphic designers or illustrators, etc. are called for help. I've come across many successful visual communications which involve the audience to participate in the advertisement .. If the visual message is done successfully it will come with a positive outcome to the client from the audience and vice-versa.
I found out about graphic designer Shaz Madani, a graduate from LCC (London College of Communication) who has done some brilliant works, and she has visually communicated successfully.

For more info about the projects, check out her site:

Shaz Madani


Anonymous said...

beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

She's creative! Great post 317 :)