Friday, September 26, 2008

Touch your Ego

The Ego for Bentley notebook has launched! As a result of the partnership between the car manufacturer and Ego Lifestyle. The Ego for Bentley notebook features a 64-bit processor, a 160Gb Hard drive and comes with the Microsoft Vista operating system. It also comes with an integrated handle that removes the need for a bag or case.

From the Bentley Press:
ntley is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership between Ego Lifestyle and Bentley Motors resulting in a limited edition luxury notebook, known as ‘Ego for Bentley’. No more than 250 pieces will be retailed globally in high-end stores from autumn 2008. Since 2003 Ego Lifestyle has been crafting the world’s most desirable luxury notebooks with the same unmistakable values that define every Bentley – breathtaking performance, handcrafted luxury and refinement, bespoke design and dedication to absolute quality. A sophisticated blend of form and function, this special Limited Edition reflects the individuality and discerning style of both car and driver – the ultimate partner for the perfect drive.

A lot of the unique Bentley details can be found in the bespoke Ego for Bentley notebook, hand-built, same colors, same finishes etc. of the luxury car could be found.

The Ego for Bentley price is around £10,000 / €12,500 / USD19,800.

Check it out..
Ego for Bentley


Hesperus said...

That actually is kind of cute. :)

Niyal said...

I second that! XD