Saturday, September 27, 2008

Milk Bottle Art!

For months it has been a daily puzzle in which homeowners in Stourbridge and the surrounding villages in the West Midlands, UK, have been receiving empty but finely detailed engraved milk bottles at their doorsteps whenever they pick up their daily milk from the milk man. The mystery artist was nicknamed the Milk Bottle Banksy. It is now revealed that this artist is Charlotte Hughes-Martin.
" there is another level of glass that we take for granted. Functional everyday ware that we care so little for, and is simply discarded. This is the same material, yet we look at it in such a different way. I love the idea of taking this so familiar item of glass and elevating it to the level of Art. I imagine the well lit ornament cabinet, and inside a piece of cut crystal sitting next to an old milk bottle. Classic. " The 30-year-old artist also says that she had been motivated by a desire to show how 'domestic, everyday objects can be things of beauty too'.

A resident says: 'The milkman came to collect the bottles, but I didn't want to give him the one with the picture on it, I'm going to keep it. It might be worth something one day.'

Love her fine intricate work.. she's a creative artist, and she has other works than milk bottles..

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