Friday, September 12, 2008

Marcel does Villa Moda Bahrain

Marcel Wanders, a name to remember the next time you visit villa moda at Moda Mall Bahrain ( the regional fashion power house..the ultimate in luxe shopping)
In collaboration with villa moda, marcel adorned the interior envelope of the boutique with his prints. It isn't hidden away by racks of clothing or display units..making the interior so BC (beautifully chaotic)..
Those of you who don't know villa moda, its a high-end boutique selling clothing from vivenne westwood, marchesa, valentino, rue du mail, gardem, and much much more..I'll post pics of the boutique next time ;)

* sorry guys I couldn't take pics.. It isn't allowed :/ the best thing is to check it out yourselves to really get the feel of the interior..

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