Thursday, September 18, 2008

Problems to Solutions

Weird Solutions that hmm.. u might find it interestingly useful or not..These are made by Mimuun, a company that creates designs inspired by familiar objects and issues, and encourages people to think about the good of humanity.

1. Universal Toilet - a concept curving toilet, that allows wheelchair users and anyone else to slide forward directly onto the toilet. A separate chest board in-front of the sink is provided to lean in against instability.

2. Plug - when small ideas change life's habits, its a decorative plug as reminder to not waste, to save energy and safety. One of the easiest ways to prevent global warming is by removing unused plugs.

3. Measuring Towel -a more playful contra-concept of our digital world. To those of you who likes to measure yourselves after you have taken a shower and in hopes to bring self-confidence. A weird product.. Though I might not want to own one :/

4. T-Shirt - For pregnant women, made out of extra elastic material..As the belly grows bigger, the special symbol grows bigger too! A weird indication of the actual size of the baby.

5. Thermometer Light - When the light is turned on, it gives off heat. The hotter the light gets, the higher the red line goes up. The light of the the lamp turns red gradually. A symbol to think about global warming too.

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