Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ladies Toilet @ the V&A

Fun, Stylish, Elegant, Circles, Fan-like, Flow, Simply Beautifullll!...When going to an Art Museum, especially a well-known one, even the toilet has to meet the standard of promoting fine decorative art with great craftsmanship applied..and these architects have done it well.

This is the interior of the ladies toilet, off the grand entrance at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Done by London architects Glowacka Rennie, after winning the competition from the Museum in May 2008.

Descending down the stair-case to the toilet, the height of the space is exaggerated by the rhythmic flow of the panels, along with the painted whimsical blue circles by Swiss artist Felice Varini, which is only revealed as complete circle shapes when looked at from the basin mirror.

The light space is contrasted with a black stone wall and black cubicle interiors. A sense of jewelery-like accents are played in the space with the use of brass fittings and trims, giving a touch of style to the monochrome interior.

via dezeen

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