Thursday, October 16, 2008

Culinary Adventures

Being a gourmand foodie, I have to note some of the most interesting yet weird to bizarre places to dine around the world..For the fun of it.

1. Passionate about apples at Pomze, Paris. A gourmet restaurant devoted to apples! created by Daniel and Emmanuel Dayan. With more than 120 varieties, this innovative cuisine adds flavor to all its menu items by bringing out the best in apples. Treat yourself on the likes of gazpacho soup with granny smith juice ice cubes, or the swordfish skewer with grilled veg, with a light red apple curry sauce.

2. How about a chance to dine uh..blind?! Dans Le Noir offers just that. Made to increase awareness of the blind, you get surprise menus that come in four colors and themes: white for normal, red for no seafood, blue for no meat, and green for vegetarian. In other venues, you are being served by the blind.
3. For those of you who know Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck and Chef Ferran AdriĆ ’s El Bulli, where food takes the form of weird science experiments: foams, liquid nitrogen, even an ultrasonic mixing technique used to create unique emulsions. The Clinic in Singapore has taken a bizarre step further. Designed like a hospital, the chefs “operate” on gourmet oddities in an open demo kitchen under the glow of operating room lights! Food is served on stainless steel surgical tables, and diners are seated in gleaming gold-plated wheelchairs.

4. One of the most difficult places to reserve a table is Fortezza Medicea. Why? that’s because, in addition to serving fluffy gnocchi and robust Chiantis, most chefs, waiters, and sommeliers are also serving 25 to life! Launched in 2006 in a 500-year-old prison outside Pisa, Fortezza Medicea is a kind of social experiment: can a restaurant staffed by some of Italy’s most hardened criminals provide viable job training? How about being served in a big room filled with plain benches, guards (no really) survey the crowd. Oh yea..NO CELLPHONES! and you have to eat with plastic cutlery..worth it?! me..maybe for the scary fun of it maybe not for the sake of my life!

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Anonymous said...

how scary to dine in the dark..oo and served by CRIMINALSS??!!! What the ??!!